Cuil..the next google rival?

Have a go with this new google like search engine named cuil. It has a very google atmosphere, only dominated with black. If I’m not mistaken, the way cuil works differs from google in that, at least for my own interest, it keeps my search history private. You, computer heroes probably have a comment on this? if this is true, how they’re supposed to get the money to run their business?



Also quite interesting some comments I quoted from saying that it’s just gonna faded and a would never take over google dominant position as incumbent. I don’t know. So far, I did a very small experiment. I typed a word I usually type on google on google and cuil. Normally, google always returns answer as I expect, so I use it as my benchmark. Quite surprising, cuild doesn’t do as what google has done.

Perhaps one day the would eventually refine their performance. For the mean time, I stick with google, albeit its ads and my scanned search history.


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