Process Mining with ProM

I am participating this exciting on-line course developing our understanding and skill in process mining. Using platform ProM, I tried conforming the resulting process model with the artificial event logs of loan business process. It is so great that I can  throw my preliminary prediction about the potential we could get from mining processes to benefit the work of system evaluators. I know it’s probably too early to state, but I guess it does not do any harm just to share the glimpse of thought  :

Provided that stored event data are reliably captured (you do not want be hassled by GIGO nightmare anyway), image of cases can help assurance professionals to ascertain whether controls exist to address risks associated with certain processes. Business process with most traces after doing the mining can be compared against the result from stepping through the actual process as part of walkthrough procedure. System whose process flows increasingly confirm the top ranked traces by process mining side, could be an evidence that the reviewed system properly incorporates certain amount of controls over IS infrastructure and application. Vice versa, pattern from process mining can also certify whether the as-is business processes show compliance to the organization process flow standard. Hope that Indonesia assurance community raises the awareness of important insight the business process can play to feed pattern recognition capabilities of mining tools which in turn making them able to keep up with the breakneck speed of data growth.

Visualizing Traces or Different type of process sequences of a loan process (artificial)

Visualizing Traces or Different type of process sequences of a loan process (artificial)


The resulting BPMN from the loan event logs


Checking out if the BPMN comforms with the traces exctracted from the logs


I recommend readers to also join this on-line course here, facilitated by Associate Professor Joos Buijs of  Eindhoven University of Technology.


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