Janis Joplin Heritages

So love Janis and her reincarnation Joss Stone

Piece of My Heart

(Come on…)
Didn’t I make you feel like you were the only man, well yeah,
An’ didn’t I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can ?
Honey, you know I did!
And each time I tell myself that I, well I think I’ve had enough,
But I’m gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough.

I want you to come on, come on, come on, come on and take it,
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby, (break a..)
Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah. (have a..)
Hey! Have another little piece of my heart now, baby, yeah.
You know you got it if it makes you feel good,
Oh yes indeed.

You’re out on the streets looking good, and baby,
Deep down in your heart I guess you know that it ain’t right,
Never never never never never never never hear me when I cry at night.
Baby, I cry all the time!
And each time I tell myself that I, well I can’t stand the pain,
But when you hold me in your arms, I’ll sing it once again.

I’ll say come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah take it!
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby. (break a..)
Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah, (come on…)
Have another little piece of my heart now, baby, yeah.
Well, You know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good


I need you to come on, come on, come on, come on and take it,
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby. (break a…)
Break another little bit of my heart, darling, yeah. (have a)
Have another little piece of my heart now, baby,
You know you got it (waaaaahhh)
Take a…Take another little piece of my heart now, baby. (break a…)
Break another little bit of my heart, and darling, yeah yeah (have a)
Have another little piece of my heart now, baby,
You know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good


Welcoming Ramadhan 1432 H

I sincerely wish you the best for the upcoming and most wanted moment for all of us, the Ramadhan. The fasting, better worship and tilawah, more training on physical fitness, the joyful of doing good deeds, and many more we expect to do in the Ramadhan. May we all be purified and successfully go through the whole month with divinity without any flaws.

To my family, please apologize that I can not be with you all this year. But above of all, we have God that unites us within our hearts. I wish you Bunda, the best for the whole month, getting better and always in healthiness. To teteh Runi, you’ll make it this year girl, I know you can. To ceu2 Naila, I hope this would be your first time practicing the fasting. And to the little one Sarah, happy all the time. I miss you like crazy here. I love you all so much. (BIGG HUGGSSS AND KISSESS)

Mohon maaf semua kesalahan kami sekeluarga. Atas nama Ritchi, Ocke, Runi, Naila dan Sarah kami mengucapkan selamat datang Ramadhan!

Quoted Verses – 1

The following verse I find very interesting as it mentions man and women repetitively so much so that it looks appealing to me to reveal more what the tafsir/interpretation could be. This verse explains what sort characteristics of human are real worth in the sight of AIlah. Guess will be better to share it, just make it my first. I also add the Indonesian version. (Sourced from quranenglish.com).

Surah Al-Ahzab verse 35:

Most surely *53 the men and the women who have surrendered themselves to Allah; *54 who are believing, *55 obedient, *56 truthful, *57 and patient; *58 who bow down before Allah, *59 practise charity, *60 observe the fasts, *61 guard their private parts *62 and remember Allah much: *63 Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward. *64

*53 Presentation of this theme immediately after the foregoing paragraph contains a subtle allusion to the fa[c]t that the -instructions given above to the Holy Prophet’s wives are not exclusively meant for them but the Muslim society as a whole should reform itself in accordance with them.
*54 “Who have surrendered themselves to Allah : Who have accepted Islam as a code of life for themselves, and have decided to follow it in their lives, and who have no wish to resist the Islamic way of life and thought, but have adopted the way of obedience and submission to it.
*55 “Who are believing”: Whose obedience is not merely outward nor unwilling but who sincerely regard the guidance given by Islam as based on the truth whose faith is that the way shown by the Qur’an and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings) is the only right and straight way in following which alone lies their true success. That which has been declared as wrong by Allah and His Prophet is certainly wrong even according to their judgement and that which has been declared as right by AIlah and His Prophet is certainly right even according to their thinking and sense. Psychologically and intellectually also they do not regard as improper any injunction that has been enjoined by the Qur’an and Sunnah, and do not remain on the lookout to change it somehow to suit their own desire or mould it according to the current trends of the world, avoiding at the same time the blame that they have effected a change in the Command given by AIlah and His Prophet. The Holy Prophet has described the true state of faith in a Hadith in these words: “He who reconciled himself to Allah as his Lord and to Islam as his Way of Life and to Muhammad as his Messenger, has the true taste of Faith.” (Muslim) In another Hadith, he has explained it thus: “None of you becomes a believer until the desires of his self become subordinate to what I have brought.” (Sharh as-Sunnah)
*56 That is, “They do not rest content with mere belief but are obedient practically also. They are not the sort of the people who would honestly believe that what Allah and His Messenger have commanded was true but would violate it in practice: that they would sincerely regard what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden as bad but would go on following the same in practical life.”
*57 That is, “They are truthful in their speech and honest in thou dealings. They do not deal in lies, deceptions, frauds and forgeries. They utter with their tongues only what their conscience approves as true. They practise and perfom only what they honestly find to be in accordance with righteousness and truth, and they arc honest in all their dealings with others.”
*58 That is, “They patiently and steadfastly bear and face all the obstacles, dangers, difficulties and losses that they might have to encounter in following the right way taught by Allah and His Messenger and in establishing Allah’s Religion in the world; no fear and no temptation and no lust of the self can succeed in diverting them from the right way.”
*59 That is, “They arc free from pride, vanity and haughtiness: they havc full understanding of the reality that they arc servants and they havc no other position than that of servitude. Therefore, their hearts as well as their bodies remain bowed before Allah, dominated by fear of Him. They never display the attitude which is the hall-mark of the lives of those who are fearless of God and arc involved in arrogance. ” From the sequence it appears that the mention of Khushu’ (expression of humility) in particular along with the general attitude of the fear of God implies the Prayer, for the mention of the practice of charity and fast has been made just after it.
*60 This does not only imply payment of the obligatory Zakat, but it also includes general charity. It means to say that they spend their wealth freely in the way of Allah and they are not at aII niggardly in the matter of helping the servants of Allah as much as they can. No orphan and no sick or afflicted person, no weak or disabled person, no poor and needy one remains deprived of their support in their dwelling; and if there arises the need for monetary help for promoting the cause of Allah’s Religion, they arc never miserly in expending their wealth for that purpose.
*61 This includes both the obligarory and the voluntary fasts.
*62 This has two meanings: (1) They refrain from adultery; and (2) they avoid nudity. One should also note that nudity dces not only mean being naked but it is also nudity to put on a thin dress which shows the body, or is so tight-fitting that it reveals aII the outlines of the body.
*63 “Remember Allah much” means that one should mention Allah’s name in one way or other at aII times in every business of life. Man cannot develop such a state of the mind unless the thought of God becomes deeply embedded in his heart. When this idea has passed beyond his conscious mind and settled deep in his subconscious and unconscious mind, then only he will remember and mention God’s name in whatever he does and in whatever he says. He will begin with bismillah when he eats and say al-hamdu lillah when he finishes; he will remember Allah when he goes to bed, and mention Allah’s name when he gets up. In his conversation also he will again and again pronounce bismillah, al-hamdu-lillalh, insha-Allah, ma sha Allah, etc. and ask for Allah’s help in every matter, and thank Him for every blessing. He will seek His mercy in every affliction, and turn to Him in every trouble. He will fear Him on encountering every evil, and ask for His forgiveness when he happens to havc committed an error and will pray to Him for fulfilment of every need. In short, in every state and in every business of life his function will be to remember Allah.
This. In fact, is the essence of the Islamic life. For all other acts of worship there is a prescribed time when they are performed, and one is free when one has performed them. But this is the worship which has no special time; it has to be performed constantly so that it links up the man’s life with Allah and His service permanently. The other worships and religious acts themselves also become meaningful only when the heart of man remains inclined to Allah not only at the time when the act is actually being carried out but at aII times when the tongue is uttering Allah’s name constantly. In such a state as this worship and religious acts develop and flourish in a man’s life precisely in the same manner as a plant grows in a congenial climate and environment. Contrary to this, the example of the religious services and worships which are carried out only on special times and occasions in the life which is devoid of this constant remembrance of Allah is of the plant which has been planted in an un-congenial climate, and which is growing only due to the special attention and care of the gardener. This very thing has been explained by the Holy Prophet in a Hadith, thus:
“Mu’adh bin Anas Juhani relates that a person asked the Holy Prophet of Allah. who among those who fight in the way of AIlah will get the highest reward? He replied: The one who remembers Allah the most. The man asked: Who among the observers of the fast will get the highest reward? He replied: The one who remembers Allah the most. The man then asked the same question about the offerer of the Prayer, the payer of the Zakat and charities and the performer of Hajj and the Holy Prophet in every case gave the same answer, saying: He who remembers Allah the most.” (Musnad Ahmad)
*64 This verse plainly tells what qualities and characteristics are of real worth in the sight of AIlah. These are the basic values of Islam which have been compressed into one sentence. As regards these, there is no difference between the man and woman. However, as for their life-activity, the two sexes have separate spheres to function. The males have to function in some particular spheres and the females in some others. But if they possess these qualities and characteristics equally, Allah will raise them to equal ranks and bless them with equal rewards. It will in no way affect their rank and reward if one carried out household chores and the other performed the duties of caliphate and enforced the Shari’ah injunctions; one reared children in the house and the other went to the battlefield and fought for the sake of Allah and His religion.

Indonesian version (wikisource.org)
“Sesungguhnya laki-laki dan perempuan yang muslim, laki-laki dan perempuan yang mukmin, laki-laki dan perempuan yang tetap dalam ketaatannya, laki-laki dan perempuan yang benar, laki-laki dan perempuan yang sabar, laki-laki dan perempuan yang khusyuk, laki-laki dan perempuan yang bersedekah, laki-laki dan perempuan yang berpuasa, laki-laki dan perempuan yang memelihara kehormatannya, laki-laki dan perempuan yang banyak menyebut (nama) Allah, Allah telah menyediakan untuk mereka ampunan dan pahala yang besar.”

Quiz for megadeth loyalty

Guess what a song the lyric I write down here. Yes, this is my lifetime favorite band’s song titled Victory. My personal opinion is, it does not give real story of what a song normally sings about. Rather, Dave purposely wrote this to combine several of his epic songs ever made in this world.

I have deliberately modified the words so there are no songs title are recognized by their capital letter (every words are with initial small letter, except the beginning) or any signing symbols like “. Now don’t call yourself Megadeth fans if you can not count how many songs are there in this song. Happy counting :)

If helps, I attach the video too.


Now, one day I started telling everyone that
killing Is my business and I was hung like a martyr
For looking down the cross my skull beneath the skin
Prophesied last rites/loved to death my friends
Then I started seeing bad omens in my head
good mourning/black friday will I wake up dead?
If I ain’t superstitious” then this won’t mean a thing
But some crazy shit has happened since the conjuring

Not even close
Not even close
Not even close
To overdose

Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins
A knife right through my heart, I am a victory

Came anarchy to set the world a fire
Pain of hook in mouth, in my darkest hour
Corruption of the world peace sells… but nobody’s buying
Ignorant religion holy wars and the dying, tornado nearly got me by the skin o’ my teeth
this was my life, foreclosure of my dreams
May the past rust in peace in hangar 18
And countdown to extinction
Just be a bad dream
lucretia said…

Not even close
Not even close
Not even close
To overdose

Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins
A knife right through my heart, I am a victory

This is one of a lost megadeth fan in the middle of Prague, Czech Republic 😀

Gifts from Minister of Education short visit

Today, our Minister of National Education, Mr.Muhammad Nuh, came visiting us with his team as part of series of European visits. Initially, the gathering was intended as private session between a number of Dikti scholarship holders with the Ministry of National Education team. But, it turned out to be an open gathering, as more people outside the scholarships grantees were showing interest to join the event.

Limited with time before next flying to Geneve, not much time was given to all audiences to have everyone spoke for their concern and question. But, I this 2 hours discussion was enough to make sure that most issues are addressed. The talk started with Mr.Minister giving the introduction. He gave some brief updates about what the Ministry are doing with regards to national education sector. Continue Reading →

Domestic Workers Tragic Life in Saudi Arabia

TKI: Belum Laku, Dipajang di Ruang Kaca
Windoro Adi | Benny N Joewono | Kamis, 23 Juni 2011 | 08:38 WIB
Link: http://bit.ly/j4MyH9

KOMPAS.com – Juni 2009. Malam nan laknat itu datang. Di lantai tiga sebuah apartemen di Kota Hawali, Kuwait, pembantu rumah tangga Imas Tati (22) terpentang, terbaring telanjang di ruang tamu. Kedua tangan dan kakinya diikat pada kaki-kaki kursi. Majikannya, seorang pria berusia 30 yang ia panggil Baba, memandangi tubuh Imas dengan nanar. Tangan Baba menyentuh Imas.

”Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi,” bisik Imas dalam hati. Matanya berkaca-kaca. Tak berapa lama, air matanya tak terbendung lagi, mengairi pelipisnya. Ia terus menderas asma suci Allah dalam hati. Tangan dan kakinya terus meronta, menolak disentuh. Tapi Baba tambah bernafsu. Ia bukan hanya menyentuh, tetapi memukuli Imas.

Mata Imas terkatup rapat menahan rasa sakit, rasa takut, terhina dan marah. Ia meredamnya dengan terus menyebut asma suci Allah. Giginya menggigit bibir.

Tiba-tiba telepon genggam Baba berbunyi. Istrinya, Nyonya ”Z”, seorang dokter bedah, pulang. Baba buru-buru memakai pakaiannya. Imas pun ia lepas. Sambil berpakaian, Baba lalu menjambak rambut Imas dan mendekatkan mulutnya pada telinga Imas. Baba berbisik, ”Kalau kamu melawan, saya akan terus menjadi ancaman buat hidupmu. Seharusnya kamu mau melayani saya dan menerima lebih banyak uang untuk keluargamu." Tangan kiri Baba masih menjambak rambut Imas.

Imas membisu. Babak berikutnya adalah babak sandiwara sepasang suami istri. Setelah melayani keduanya, Imas pergi tidur. Tetapi di kamarnya, ia tak bisa memejamkan mata. Ini adalah yang kesekian kalinya ia nyaris diperkosa. Terakhir, ia hendak diperkosa si Baba dan lima keponakan prianya.

Ceritanya, usai mengantar belanja, Imas diminta tetap di mobil bersama kelima keponakan pria Baba. Ternyata mereka berniat memperkosa Imas. Sambil berjalan, kelimanya membekap Imas. Hampir seluruh pakaian Imas termasuk pakaian dalamnya sudah lepas. Demikian pula pakaian ke lima keponakan Baba.

Karena Imas terus meronta, kelima pria lamban mewujudkan niatnya. Saat kendaraan hendak sampai apartemen Baba, Baba mengingatkan kelima keponakannya agar mengurungkan niatnya. ”Kita cari waktu lain saja yang lebih leluasa,” ucap Baba. Meski kecewa, kelima keponakan menuruti permintaan Baba.


Imas mengejapkan matanya, mengusir genangan air mata. Ia masih terbaring di tempat tidur. Bayangan tentang Baba yang terus berusaha mencicipi tubuhnya di dapur, di ruang tamu, di ruang makan, bahkan di kamar mandi, membuatnya makin gelisah. Peluang Baba memperkosa Imas banyak. Sebab, Baba sehari-hari di rumah sementara istrinya setiap hari berangkat pagi, pulang malam. Hampir seluruh waktu Nyonya Z, dihabiskan di rumah sakit.

Tapi lama-lama Imas tak ingin lagi menjadi seekor ikan yang cuma bisa menggelepar tanpa suara. Imas ingin lari tapi, ragu bila mengenang kembali cita-citanya bekerja untuk membiayai sekolah adiknya, dan membantu ekonomi orangtuanya di desa.

Ingatan tentang penderitaannya selama menjadi pembantu rumah tangga di Arab Saudi kemudian menepis cita-cita Imas. Ia lalu menguatkan tekad untuk kabur.

Pagi pukul 05.00, ia melepas dan menyambung-nyambung kain korden dan selimut. Ia pun mengendap-endap turun dari lantai tiga. Sampai di lantai dua, ia jatuh. Niatnya kabur gagal. Di depan istrinya, Baba pun mencaci maki Imas. ”Dasar budak tidak tahu diuntung!”. Mendengar teriakan itu, Imas tak ingin lagi jadi seekor ikan. Ia berkata, ”Saya tidak akan berbuat seperti ini bila majikan saya baik”.

Imas lalu dibawa ke Rumah Sakit Mubarak. Setelah dua pekan di rumah sakit, ia diberi tahu kakinya mungkin lumpuh dan harus diamputasi. Ia menjawab dengan menggelengkan kepala dan menangis.

”Tulang punggung saya dibagian tengah, hancur dan mendapat 40 jahitan luar dan dalam. Kedua engsel kaki saya pecah. Tulang-tulang yang rusak ini dipasangi pen,” kata Imas saat ditemui di pondokan Migrant Care di kawasan Jakarta Timur, Rabu (22/6/2011) sore.

Ia lalu menunjukkan bekas jahitan di punggung dan kedua pergelangan kakinya. Maret 2010, pen-pen di kedua pergelangan kakinya, dilepas di Rumah Sakit Polri Raden Said Soekanto, Kramatjati, Jakarta Timur.

Indonesia Raya

Sebelum bekerja pada Baba dan Nyonya Z, Imas, gadis Desa Ciparai RT 1/RW 7, Leuwi Mundaling Majalengka, Jawa Barat ini, bekerja pada keluarga polisi, J (30). Rumahnya di Jalan Mubarak al-Kabir. Di tempat ini, J sering menyiksa Imas.

”Saya sering jadi bulan-bulanan kekesalan dia meski saya tidak bersalah dan diam. Saya dipukuli dan ditendangi. Saya sudah seperti bola saja. Dia sering baru berhenti menganiaya setelah saya pingsan. Bahkan kadang, saat dia belum puas menyiksa saya, dia mengguyur saya supaya sadar, lalu memukuli saya lagi,” papar Imas.

Ketika ia melaporkan kasus ini ke KBRI, Imas justru dijebloskan penjara oleh majikannya yang polisi. ”Orang-orang KBRI tidak membela saya ketika mereka melihat saya diseret-seret dan dibawa ke penjara,” tutur Imas. Ia mengaku tidak digaji selama bekerja pada polisi J.

”Waktu saya di KBRI, saya dikejar-kejar agen pembantu. Saya lalu dijual ke keluarga lain dengan harga Rp 15 juta. Begitu seterusnya sampai saya bekerja di rumah Baba,” ungkap Imas.

Ia sempat bekerja dengan tenang di dua keluarga. Ia digaji sebulan 50 Dinar atau sekitar hampir Rp 2 juta. ”Tapi baru empat-lima hari bekerja, agen pembantu menteror majikan saya. Saya pun dilepas dan dijual kembali ke keluarga lainnya,” ujarnya.

Menurut Imas, Warganegara Indonesia yang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah tangga di Arab, dilarang memakai bahasa Indonesia. ”Kalau menyanyi Indonesia Raya?”. ”Aduh…,” jawabnya sambil menggelengkan kepala.

Korban lain

Sejak Februari 2011, Imas berada di Indonesia. Saat dirawat di Rumah Sakit Polri, ia bertemu dengan seorang pembantu rumah tangga lainnya yang juga dirawat. Namanya Basaeri (25). Tulang punggung Basaeri patah. Beberapa jaringan syarafnya rusak. Ia tidak bisa lagi berkomunikasi. Bicaranya kacau.

Imas bercerita, Basaeri adalah pembantu rumah tangga yang bekerja di Suriah. Saat mengepel, ia jatuh didorong anak majikannya. Bukannya mendapat perawatan, Basaeri justru dianiaya. ”Sekarang dia sudah meninggal. Dia meninggal waktu dioperasi,” tutur Imas.

Nasib serupa juga dialami kawan Imas lainnya, Dewiyanti asal Brebes, dan Muslimah asal Tegal Gubuk, Indramayu, Jawa Tengah. Menurut Direktur Eksekutif Migrant Care, Anis Hidayah, tidak kurang dari lima ribu pembantu rumah tangga warganegara Indonesia mendapat kekerasan fisik selama bekerja di Arab Saudi. Dua ribu di antaranya, menjadi korban kekerasan seksual. "Di negeri lain jumlah korban lebih kecil," jelasnya.

Budak nafsu

Pembantu rumah tangga lainnya, Rosnani (48) mengatakan, apa yang dialami Imas, Basaeri, Dewiyanti, dan Muslimah, menjadi hal yang biasa terjadi di Arab Saudi. ”Sejak 1985 saya bekerja di Arab Saudi dan sudah beberapa kali pulang ke kampung halaman. Saya bertemu mereka dimana-mana. Nasibnya serupa. Kalau tidak jadi sasaran nafsu syahwat, ya jadi sasaran nafsu membunuh,” tutur perempuan asal Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan itu.

Ia berpendapat, para pembantu rumah tangga warganegara Indonesia hidup seperti budak di Arab Saudi. Dijual oleh para agen pembantu rumah tangga. Ditarik lagi dan ditempatkan di keluarga lain, demi mendapat Rp 15 juta – Rp 20 juta dari setiap transaksi jual beli. ”Kalau belum laku. Di suruh nunggu di kamar kaca kantor agen pembantu, sampai ada orang yang membeli,” ujar Rosnani.

Menurut Imas, dianiaya dan diperkosa berulang kali oleh majikan dan keluarganya, dijual dan diperas agen-agen penyalur pembantu rumah tangga, menjadi pengalaman sebagian besar kawan-kawan satu pekerjaan di Arab Saudi.

"Kalau sudah tua seperti saya, orang-orang itu engga doyan. Sebagai gantinya, saya diperas bekerja 22 jam setiap hari tanpa libur. Bangun jam 05.00, tidur jam tiga hari berikutnya. Dipukuli, disekap, diludahi, dilempar ke comberan,” lanjut Rosnani.

Ia mengaku, setelah memukuli, majikannya dengan mudah menempelkan pisau di lehernya sambil mengancam, ”Saya bisa gorok dan potong-potong kamu sesuka hati saya. Tidak ada yang melindungi kamu di sini bukan?”. Karena ancaman seperti itu datang berulangkali, Rosnani pun tidak tahan dan kabur dengan uang sendiri.

Rosnani mengingatkan, tidak mudah kembali ke Tanah Air setelah para perempuan pembantu rumah tangga terjerat jaringan agen pembantu rumah tangga. ”Bisa lepas dari agen dan punya uang untuk pulang saja sudah mujur,” tuturnya.

Meski mengaku nasibnya lebih beruntung, tetapi Rosnani tak mau lagi ke Arab Saudi menjadi pembantu rumah tangga. ”Lebih senang hujan batu di negeri sendiri daripada hujan emas di negeri orang,” katanya menutup percakapan. (WINDORO ADI)

Gebetszeiten Juli 2011.pdf

Jual Rumah Cluster: Permadani Margonda Residence

Anyone interested…

Assalammu’alaikum wR.wB

PERMADANI MARGONDA RESIDENCE sudah mulai dipasarkan!!. Cepat booking sebelum kehabisan, hanya 10 unit (sold 1 unit, tinggal 9 unit lagi)
Luas Bangunan/Luas TAnah : 63/75

Jl. Karya bakti II no. 10, Pondok Cina, Depok
Lokasi sangat strategis, karena terletak di awal jalan Margonda. Sebelum Margo City. Dekat dengan UI, Univ. Gunadarma Depok, Stasiun KA Pondok Cina.

Desain minimalis, town house (tanpa pagar – pagar hanya 1 di depan komplek), perumahan koppel (tidak berdempetan, hanya berdempet 2 rumah-2 rumah).
Pondasi : Batu Kali
Struktur : Beton Bertulang
Dinding : Bata pres diplester dan finish cat
Rangka atap : Baja ringan
Penutup atap : Genteng keramik berwarna
Plafond : Gypsum 9 mm
Lantai : Ruang utama – keramik 40×40 Mulia atau Asia Tile
Teras depan & belakang – keramik 30×30 Mulia atau Asia Tile
Lantai dan dinding km/wc – keramik 20×20 Mulia atau Asia Tile
Sanitair : American Standard atau setara
Kusen pintu & jendela : kayu finish melamic
Pintu : pintu panel fiish melamic (pintu utama) / teakwood (pintu lainnya)
Cat : cat tembok set. Vinilex
Carport : paving block motif

Air bersih – pompa jet pump
Daya listrik 1300 VA

RP 425.000.000,-
DP: 20%
Booking : RP 10 juta.

– Cash back Rp 5 juta atau
– AC Panasonic 1/2 PK atau
– Kitchen set atau
– Canopy atau
– TV 21′ flat + kulkas

Contact Person:
Sri : 085722439200 (lapangan)
Andre : 082119335136 (lapangan)
Ocke : 0816601480 / ocke_2004@yahoo.com
Daniyanto : 08128179404 / farahpasha1503@gmail.com

Latest on President Election

Such a relieve with the result of Indonesia Presidential election. Virtually, nothing bad happen to the counting process. A comment need to be pointed out. I recall in one TV show presenting an long, biting argumentation between Indonesia Survey Institute (LSI) and Indonesia Research Institute (LRI). Central point of the debate talked over whether 2009 presidential election would end in roundoff. I remembered LRI’s Johan Silalahi even proclaimed that LRI dared to dissolve. Well, I wonder what Johan would do now, after the current votes counting 😉

Barca moment

My greatest salute to Barca. They showed the most amazing and flowing soccer before finally won the match over MU for 2-0. All players looked so consistent to their position as opposed to MU clueless and stucked players. Ronaldo was effectively stopped from his space. I vote for Carlos Puyol as the man of the match and predict Messi will be the next FIFA player of the 2009.
Still my heart is for MU and deeply wish next season will be theirs. I hope Christiano Ronaldo will be more mature on his performance and his attitude, Carlos Tevez will stay on the Old Traford and Sir Alex Ferguson still be the manager for the club.
Glory glory Barca….and the best for MU

Where are my friends

I started loving playing in a band since my junior high school. My first appearance was playing those dead metal gigs typically perceived as the anti-establishment sort of movement of what  teenagers normally listened to. The list goes all the way including Obituary’s, Sepultura, down to a more complex rhytmically arrangement not necessarily count on grimmed vocal delivery in term of  loudness and speed. This hobby is carried over till the next level at undergraduate. But on that time, the music genre is totally different and precisely defined. Used to play speed metal, rock n roll and classic rock where it was really against music mainstream where people loves to hear top 40 (own opinion though). Music like megadeth, led zepellin, uriah heep, janis joplin were among the beloved notes.
And now, I’m started to miss that moment again. Now, most people at my age are busy with their job. Only few of them are still playing in a band, and they now turn into an artist. I wish that I can play again, at least for some leisure time in the middle of my time doing the office job. Just a thought.