Recommended Novel – Negeri Van Oranje

For the novel lover, I’ve just finished reading this novel (in Indonesia)..pretty much light reading. Anyway, I like the way the authors tell the whole story that makes me feel as if I were there. The story is about friendships of five Indonesian graduates student from various background. They were destined to meet each other in somewhere in Netherland. Since then, the story began.
But don’t expect too much for a very deep message from the book. After all, it’s supposed to be a light reading. Nevertheless, many things you can extract out of this book like friendship, love, and nationalism.
Sorry folks, I’m a bad teller, if you want to, just grab the book in Gramedia (shelved among “Best Seller” stock).


2 Thoughts on “Recommended Novel – Negeri Van Oranje

  1. thx hamzah, I like the review.

  2. Well, its surprised me. I’ve never thought you read a novel.

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