something left on Nov 25th,2006

It’s supposed to be posted 2 years ago…
Where was I that time? oh yeah,at my flat.
It’s 12:30 mm…..the moment in the so so hot of the upcoming summer where everybody choose to spend their time with a sound asleep due to the short night time. I’m the only one who is still awake. So many things left undone and my leaving is getting closer. My flight is two weeks away from now, yet only few boxes have been packed for the shipping. Packing stuff is so irritating. By all means you have to list down all items you want to bring without knowing that it’s gonna be useful for your home back there.

I thought it’s gonna be a quick preparation. But with all items I have been collecting so far in Melbourne, it’s less likely to finish it in a week time. I still even have souvenir that have just bought by my family couple days ago unpacked. Gonna be a rush and messy time now. Well, will catch up next time with another story ukie!!


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