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Just had a look on an article posted in jakartasocial.wordpress.com about Adinda Bakrie, yeah you know who? Unlike any other socialites whose last names are rather unfamiliar to the ears of thousands of people in our nation, Miss Adinda has a last name that even millions of Indonesians are familiar with. Voted as the second most charismatic last name (refer to poll results) – slightly below Soeharto, Bakrie to Indonesians is like de Rothschild to Europeans (combination of quoted wording from the site).

The blog is meant to be a medium for those who are interested in high society living in Jakarta.Such a pity, however,the administrator don’t strive to manage comment there. Apart from critiques over the wedding as an unsympathic helding due to Lapindo disaster,the blog somehow turns into a hater, sarcastic blog with a full of bashing remark posted from many people. I can tell that part of them are the proponent, if not a fans of adinda, and the remainders are the against side of Adinda’s family.

What I feel pity about is that the blog eventually didn’t represent its points which is to be a jakarta community place to see all of the happening around Jakarta. Well, I just hope in the future the adminstrator can filter what’s appropriate and not appropriate as posting.

Anyway, it’s such an awfull day for me coz not even one page I can make today. Three days to go to finish your proposal mate!


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