Welcoming Ramadhan 1432 H

I sincerely wish you the best for the upcoming and most wanted moment for all of us, the Ramadhan. The fasting, better worship and tilawah, more training on physical fitness, the joyful of doing good deeds, and many more we expect to do in the Ramadhan. May we all be purified and successfully go through the whole month with divinity without any flaws.

To my family, please apologize that I can not be with you all this year. But above of all, we have God that unites us within our hearts. I wish you Bunda, the best for the whole month, getting better and always in healthiness. To teteh Runi, you’ll make it this year girl, I know you can. To ceu2 Naila, I hope this would be your first time practicing the fasting. And to the little one Sarah, happy all the time. I miss you like crazy here. I love you all so much. (BIGG HUGGSSS AND KISSESS)

Mohon maaf semua kesalahan kami sekeluarga. Atas nama Ritchi, Ocke, Runi, Naila dan Sarah kami mengucapkan selamat datang Ramadhan!