Gifts or no Gifts?

By far I have been succeeding to stay committed for not accepting gifts. Of course, doing so is not without challenge and involves invoking unemotional bloodless protocol- if I may say :) . It is especially in the environment where it seems quite common for lecturer-cohort relationship to present fancy items as gifts as a token of thank you. Even if you told students from the outset to not give any gifts for any reason, they still came to you with their beguiling polite request that you end up perforce taking the gift. By happy chance, Dikti (Directorate General of Higher Education) issued the prohibition for lecturers and students to take and give gifts (or is it one way?) to purify the pedagogy relationship from any ill-motivated undertakings. See the pic below.

Dikti's Ruling on Prohibition of Accepting Gifts

Dikti’s Ruling on Prohibition of Accepting Gifts

In the past the gifts given before the defense or graduation (diplomas, bachelors, masters, doctorates) have been prohibited. The bar now has been raised by me. Bear in mind, I apply this only to my own supervisory responsibility, taking one step further on the way I interact with own students. Not only do I strive so that gifts prior to defense are avoided, but also those couple of months after the students defensed/graduated will be committed not to accept this supposedly nice act. The idea is to give some time to return the situation back to normal, at least untill we can comfortably feel no formal string connect us. So, if I now were sent this nice coffee from someone who was once my student, it should be the case when they now have turned into or seen more as colleagues. Anyway, the souvenirs are not as fancy as the they used to be. But knowing the fact that they still remember you and how helpful you were to them, give you this priceless feeling that lead you to recall the very reason why you chose this life path.


A coffee will do

A coffee will do 😉


Whether there is disagreement with this attitude, this kind of personally-driven policy has so far proven a merit more to myself than to the students themselves. It helps me maintain independency and apply my own assessment criteria to serve students as their working partners toward work completion. Off to bed 😃.



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